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Introducing Auto Test Assist

By SWETHA SRIDHARAN posted Wed July 13, 2022 02:38 PM

Taking a shift left approach has been made easier than before with the introduction of  Auto Test Assist now available in the latest Cloud Pak for Integration. 

API Developers need a set of comprehensive capabilities to deliver APIs faster with high quality at rapid pace. They create APIs to expose data/ micro-services /apps using open standards and test them to validate their behavior. At present API testing require test cases either automatically generated or manually written to achieve this. The downside to this is it can be time consuming.
Now imagine a world where automation assists API Developers to validate and test APIs without having to write test cases. Auto Test Assist does this exactly.
Auto Test Assist will analyze your API , then automatically generate random requests using AI and reports about any conformance errors and server-side errors that it observes. This greatly improves the developer productivity as it does not require any test cases and increases the accuracy by testing for corner cases automatically. It starts by creating auto test profile that spells out how the Auto Test Assist should run, what areas to test, endpoints to test etc. It then analyzes the API document to derive the dependencies between the resources before starting to generate the test requests. The results are displayed in the reports tab and can be drilled down further as needed.
This is particularly useful if the API is being developed as testing to identity errors happens without having to write test cases. This can also be used for doing regression testing.
Are you intrigued about how it works? Here's a quick demo showing you how to get started. Check out the docs for more information.

This testing feature complements our existing suite of testing capabilities by being a great starting point to identify errors early in the development phase. Auto test generation for test cases is a great next step to test for guaranteed, repeatable scenario and adds greater value through integrations with DevOps pipeline. These tests can be used to promote APIs across different environments. As things mature and APIs move to production, Watson Insights can be used to detect gaps in the test coverage by comparing the production trace patterns with the existing test cases.

These different testing capabilities can accelerate teams' ability to build robust quality measurements, leading to faster development cycles and overall greater trust in the API program.