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API Connect and DataPower Version 2018.4.1.9 is here!

By SWETHA SRIDHARAN posted Mon December 16, 2019 05:28 PM

The latest release of API Connect and Datapower is here! This release comes with the following new features and addresses 48 APARs.

You can locate the latest release notes here: IBM API Connect & IBM DataPower Gateway

Release Highlights:

Sending Email with Hostname

We know many of you do not allow API Manager to send emails if it's an unknown host. Continuing our efforts to enrich the user experience, the actual host-name is sent as part of an email protocol while addressing a security gap where valid emails are no longer mistaken to be spam.

Refresh Token Support for Toolkit

Our team understands that long-lived access tokens do not fall in line with security best practices. In the API Connect V2018.4.1.9 we address this with added refresh token support for Toolkit. A valid refresh token for Toolkit allows your organization to remain secure, but also prevent the need repetitively login when an access token has expired.

Test in API Designer Assembly

The API Designer allows for API development and design on the go, all on your laptop. With the "Test" capability inside of designer, you can validate API functionality.