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ReBlog: How to use Helm 3.0 (alpha) with API Connect v2018

By ROB THELEN posted Mon August 12, 2019 01:31 PM

We here at IBM are blessed with the world's best tech sales force in the world.  Not only do they enable our customers to do build their dream IT stack and to solve everyday hard problems and stay competitive, but they also help us on the product side by creating AMAZING use-cases and blogs.

One of the best of the best is Chris Phillips and he has a series of blog articles that outline how to do some pretty cool things with API Connect and DataPower.

Check out his blog on how to use the newest (alpha) release of helm 3.0.
Helm v3 was first put out as an alpha in May 2019. The key difference between Helm v2 and Helm v3 is that Helm v3 does not require a server pod (called tiller) running in the Kubernetes.

We will not officially support Helm 3.0 until it is GA, but if your innovation team is playing around with it and testing it, you can try it with API Connect!  Check out his workarounds here (note, since HELM is in alpha - and even when it is beta - it could change radically, please only use GA versions of any product in production environments):  LINK