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API Connect and DataPower 2018.4.1.5 is here!

By ROB THELEN posted Tue April 30, 2019 08:00 AM

We are very excited to announce the April API Connect and DataPower fixpack is ready for download!

Other than the normal "release notes" (which are very interesting and worth a quick read), I wanted to spend a few minutes and talk about some of the highlights of this release (there were dozens of APARs addressed and even more features added to this release)!

First, the DataPower API Gateway is getting more robust gateway policies that are further separating DataPower from the rest of the field.  For example, the "Invoke" policy got some more flexibility and built-in power.  The improvements are focused on query param encode/decode and adding some additional functionality around the "Keep payload" option.

Talking about the API Gateway, you can now define custom policies for the gateway with Kubernetes. This will allow users to create powerful custom policies and make it available in API Connect v.2018.4.1.5 using K8 config.  This huge step forward adds a lot of flexibility to DataPower API Gateway when it is used with API Connect.  Custom Policies can be listed in the Kubernetes config map, getting DataPower gateways stood up faster and without tinkering in the UI.  With more and more of our customers moving workloads to the cloud, having a gateway that can handle the hybrid cloud use-case is ever more critical and this addition adds to an already long list of advantages DataPower has over it's near-peers.

Additionally, the Dev Portal has had some improvements as well.  Some of the coolest additions are a new tutorial on how to change the front page and the ability to import and export taxonomies!  The APIC Dev Portal already has a host of functionality, with more coming out every month.  

Last month, we introduced a beta version of migration, we are happy to announce it is now GA!  For the hundreds of customers on v5 of APIC, there is no better time to start looking at moving to the only true hybrid-cloud API Management platform.  We are rolling out a few more features to make migration even more seamless in the coming weeks, but the functionality in this fixpack give you the tools to start moving and testing your new APIC v2018 stack!

Outside of the formal APIC and DataPower Fixpack, the team has been making huge strides on the API Connect Test and Monitor solution, including a desktop client for the test tool!   Say goodbye to postman forever!  Check out the latest here.

Overall, this fixpack addresses over 300 issues and dozens of APARS across API Connect and DataPower.  Check it out today!

API Connect: LINK

DataPower: LINK