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The new fast, performant, and secure DataPower API Gateway is here!

By ROB THELEN posted Fri June 08, 2018 03:31 PM


Built on a legacy of excellence

Over the past decade, the DataPower Gateway has been a stalwart edge gateway.  Always ready, DMZ hardened, with capabilities to spare, DataPower has become a mainstay across businesses and geos.  From the early webservice days, through the Multi-Protocol Gateway Service (MPGS), DataPower has stood the test of time.   Today, we continue that legacy by introducing the new DataPower API Gateway.   By interacting with the over 4000 DataPower customers and becoming experts int he API use-case, this gateway service is retooled, from the ground up, to focus on API traffic.

A focus on Performance

The DataPower API Gateway is built for performance.  With a 5-10X increase in TPS and a decrease in transaction time, we have pulled out all of the stops when it comes to API traffic.  When combined with IBM's API Connect, this combo creates a multi-cloud API strategy for any size enterprise.  Where the MPGS was built with a translation layer between API Connect and the DataPower Operating System, to make it as flexible as possible, the DataPower API Gateway is binary.  There is no translation which makes it lightning fast.

A New Approach to OAUTH

With our close integration with API Connect, both at the product level and at the team level, we know the API use-case better than anyone.  OAUTH is just one example of how we have radically changed how developers will interact with this very powerful gateway tool.  For those using DataPower Gateway (classic), you are probably familiar with the OAUTH flow. It works, but it can take a few minutes to get it set up and those responsible for it need to be an OAUTH expert.  In both API Connect 2018.x (the new version of API Connect) and now the DataPower API Gateway, we have taken a new approach to making it simple and more accessible to a wider range of developers.   From the API Gateway perspective, OAUTH can now be utilized and configured from the assembly and added to an assembly flow in seconds.   From API Connect 2018.x, OAUTH can be set as a resource, so it can be selected, rather than created, by API Developers.


Try it today

The DataPower API Gateway is GA. We have included the most used policies OOTB and will be adding more over the coming months.  You can quickly use the API Gateway by utilizing its docker image (be sure to use the "Latest" tag).   Learn more here.    Additionally, stay tuned for some really cool features that will be rolling out as well.   Welcome to the future!  Try it out today!