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DataPower Gateway Updates in v7.7 are Hybrid Cloud Game Changers

By ROB THELEN posted Tue March 13, 2018 06:47 PM


DataPower Gateway v7.7 delivers hybrid multi-cloud support for API Connect

Enterprises and start-up alike are looking towards the cloud as the future of their IT strategy.  Most will run workloads on public, dedicated, and private clouds, spanning datacenters and GEOS, and many will be using Docker and Kubernetes to take full advantage of cloud-native architectures.  API Connect and DataPower will be leaders in this Docker-based, hybrid world with their release of API Connect 2018.1  and DataPower Gateway v7.7. 

With DataPower 7.7; users will be able to: 

•Improved reliability when publishing APIs across a Gateway clusters

•Have Dynamic & Autonomous Gateway Cluster Management providing maximum availability during API manager maintenance and unavailability periods

  • Gateways can scale without manual registration in API manager node, unleashing exciting new topologies for our customers

  • Autonomic Gateway cluster management will allow Gateways to self-heal without manual intervention

  • Increased operational resiliency providing maximum availability during API manager maintenance and unavailability periods

•Easily migrate API Connect V5 gateway workloads to API Connect 2018.x without any modification, accelerating market delivery of APIs (coming soon)

Let's dig into a couple of these.

Dynamic & Autonomous Gateways

The biggest change and most exciting change is the increased resiliency that will allow you to truly unleash your API cloud strategy.   Let's say that you have two Gateway clusters running on docker, one in London and one in Dallas.  All of the sudden, the connection to the API Management Node goes down and you want to add another Gateway to the cluster (maybe K8 automatically adds spins up a Gateway.  In the past, the "source of truth" was the API Management Node, meaning your ops team could not add a new Gateway.  Now, the Gateway can automatically be added by talking to each other.  The Gateways take care of themselves and they keep each other up to date. 

Easy Migration to API Connect 2018.x

With DataPower v7.7, you can seamlessly utilize API Connect 2018.x, keeping your custom policies and APIs running where they are.  Get all of the benefits of API Connect 2018.1 without having to reconfigure your gateway.  

Download DataPower 7.7 today

Try the new DataPower 7.7 today, for free, on Docker Hub.

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