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Custom e-mail notifications for your provider organisation

By Ricky Moorhouse posted Mon July 05, 2021 06:06 AM


One of the really useful but somewhat hidden features available in API Connect is the ability to customise the e-mail notifications that it will send to you and your developers at the provider organisation level - allowing you to have different notifications for different audiences across your provider organisations however you manage your environment.  This is particularly key in reserved instance as the global settings in Cloud Manager are managed by the API Connect team.

For example, you could update the notification for new subscriptions requiring an approval (task-subscription-request) to include guidance to your approvers on what to look for in deciding to approve or links to a documented guide. You might also want to adjust the e-mails sent to new developers signing up to your APIs (sign-up) so that it better reflects your brand messaging.

Here's how to do it -

  • Click through to your provider organisation from the IBM Cloud console (for v2018 Reserved or On Premise, log into API Manager and select your provider organisation)

  • Select Manage Settings, then Notifications and then turn on the “Customise notification templates” option.

  • You will then see the different notification templates you can customise - click on the one you want to update:

For more details on the notification customisation, including how to manage them via the CLI,  see the API Connect documentation.