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IBM API Connect: New Developer Portal upgrade procedure being introduced in

By Reece Oliver posted Tue April 25, 2023 12:08 PM

This is a short blog to inform you how the Portal Upgrade Procedure for some paths is changing in and why it was necessary to do this. In the past upgrading the Portal sites was relatively simple, we moved your sites from one version of Drupal to the newest version possible. This will still be the case for some paths but other paths now require a double upgrade.
For versions upgrading to from or below or coming from or below, these sites will first be upgraded to Drupal 9.5 and then will be upgraded to Drupal 10. The reason for this is that upgrading to Drupal 10 requires the site to be on at least Drupal 9.4.4, doing this allowed us to keep our upgrade paths open and not restrict who could or couldn't upgrade to
So there is a very important note to take away from this. All though there are no additional steps needed to be done as this all happens in the background; If you are in the category where a double upgrade will happen, you will have to expect that your sites will take double the time to upgrade compared to what you are normally used to. It also goes to say because this is a major Drupal upgrade (9 to 10) it will taken longer anyhow. So you will need to consider this when planning your maintenance window if/when you do upgrade to It would also be good to consider removing any Portal sites you do not explicitly need as this will shorten the upgrade window.

APIC Version Double Upgrade NO NO YES YES


APIC Version Double Upgrade NO NO NO YES YES

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