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DataPower API Gateway delivers 30K TPS and 10x performance improvement

By Ozair Sheikh posted Mon March 11, 2019 08:35 PM

DataPower Gateways were born on the foundation of performance and security. The industry always talks about the challenges of delivering high-speed performance without sacrificing security which seems like an impossible task; however, at IBM, we believe that you should not sacrifice either performance or security.

We have modernized our Gateway platform to deliver a new service, API Gateway service that delivers cloud scale performance, while continuing to provide industry-grade security. It leverages 15+ years of innovation and is battle-tested in mission-critical environments to provide the most resilient, feature-rich, performant and secure gateway platform in the market.

We have published our latest performance benchmarks here.

Two major highlights from our performance analysis:

1. We achieve 30K TPS with 8 ms overhead on DataPower Gateway X2 physical appliances.
2. API Gateway service provides 10x performance improvements when compared to previous DataPower Gateway services.

Performance results will vary based on the complexity of the transaction and the surrounding environment. When comparing against other gateway products, you must evaluate the various criteria that goes into the performance test. For example, consider that the DataPower API Gateway service contains the most comprehensive policy list on the market, including built-in OAuth / OpenID Connect server, message-level security and much more.

We are obsessed with improving our performance so this is just the beginning ...