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Using LDAP for Authentication and Authorization in API Connect

By Nisha Narayanan posted Tue September 19, 2023 03:48 PM


Securing your API Connect Cloud with LDAP

This series of articles focus on explaining how you can secure your API Connect cloud with LDAP.
LDAP is one of the most widely used protocols for user authentication.

In scenarios where you have an existing LDAP deployment, you can easily leverage it to authenticate and onboard users to your IBM API Connect instance.



Wed September 27, 2023 03:18 PM

Hi @Nisha Narayanan

Thanks a lot for your very quick reply!

I just thought that CP4I will bring some additional benefits like for example in regards to centralized administration of the LDAP connectivity even directly through OCP. It may be the case that I got something wrong here and the CP4I is more likely about the packaging of licenses instead of creating a packaged and centralized administration of all the IBM products included in the pak.

Kind regards

Wed September 27, 2023 01:42 PM

Hi Jan,
If you are configuring and using LDAP within API Connect itself (even within cp4i on OCP) then everything documented in here should work the same way.

Or do you mean doing something at the cp4i level? 

Tue September 26, 2023 08:41 AM

Hi @Nisha Narayanan

Thanks a lot for this overview page!

Will there be even a similar overview what to do if you like to make use of LDAP role based access control when the APIC runs within CP4I that runs at Red Hat OpenShift?

Kind regards