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IBM API Connect version 10 Reserved Instance now available on IBM Cloud

By NEWTON PICCONE posted Mon October 19, 2020 01:31 PM

IBM API Connect v10 is now available for new Reserved Instances on IBM Cloud.  Reserved Instance is our single-tenant IBM managed SaaS deployment of API Connect and with this latest upgrade, we have new and exciting new capabilities for you:

New features for API Management Solutions
  • Make sure to check out all the new features we have made available in version 10, which will now be available with Reserved Instance too.
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Faster and easier provisioning and day-to-day configuration
  • Beyond the new features introduced in API Connect V10, we’ve also improved the on-boarding and provisioning experience for Reserved Instance.  You can now initiate the provisioning in a self-service manner, reducing initial provision time from days to hours.
  • Quickly configure your Reserved Instance on day 1 with the new self-service controls. A new Configuration Manager now provides self-service access to the two most requested actions: Creating multi-cloud topologies by configuring remote gateway services and syndicating lines of business by creating additional provider organizations.
Support new use cases using additional IBM Cloud Services
  • Gain a deeper view into your Reserved Instance deployment through an integration with IBM LogDNA Service. Have your log data sent from Reserved Instance to the LogDNA Service to troubleshoot API issues you could not before.
  • Simplify management of certificates for remote gateways and your Reserved Instance through integration with IBM Certificate Manager Service.  Think of this as "the API Connect for certificates", where you can be notified of expiring certificates, update or order a new certificate, and apply it to your Reserved Instance through a seamless integration and without service disruption. 

Check out more details in our recent webinar on our user community. 
For more information, see our IBM Cloud Service or your sales representative. 

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