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What's New in Analytics with API Connect v2018.1.0

By NEWTON PICCONE posted Thu March 22, 2018 03:57 PM

API Connect v2018.1.0 offers a remastered top of the line Analytics tool. New features can be categorized three-fold: 1.) improvements to performance and scalability utilizing micro-service architecture Analytics is now separated from the API Manager and deployable anywhere, 2.) greater flexibility with selective offloading capabilities to any of the Logstash supported outputs and direct access to the ELK stack for enhanced admin. user control, and finally 3.) a newly redesigned user interface and user experience for increased productivity. These three categories are expanded upon below and you can always try it out in IBM Cloud for free! 

Improved Performance and Scalability

Now that the Analytics tool is separated from the API Manager, it runs on in its own cluster and on its own virtual cores for enhanced performance and can be independently scaled from the API Manager. In addition, multiple analytics services can be deployed in an availability zone or datacenter of choice and can be co-located with remotely deployed gateways further enhancing hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Enhanced Offloading and Administrator User Control

API Connect 2018.1.0 is expanding the Analytics offloading capabilities with selective offloading that allows users to offload analytics per analytics service of their choosing. In addition to enhanced offloading capabilities, API Connect 2018.1.0 offers increased admin. user controls with direct access to ELK stack configuration (including UI configuration) via Elasticsearch REST APIs

UI/UX Redesign and Enhanced Visuals

In addition to all the new features listed above, the Analytics tool in API Connect 2018.1.0 has a completely redesigned user interface and experience (UI/UX). The new and improved UI/UX and workflows provide for a stronger management experience with dashboards and visualizations. Users can now interactively explore  data on the Discover page and submit search queries, filter and search results, and view document data.

They can also get suggestions from the data to add/edit a filter for a field of interest using filter editors that appear in a drop-down format within the tool. The new Analytics tool is designed to accelerate productivity with the ability to clone dashboards, visualizations, and searches with just one click, in addition to auto completion which is available in all the visualization fields.

The analytics visualizations are enhanced as well for a richer visual experience of the data. Users can view metrics in context and compare them to a range of reference values, for example viewing all visualizations in a gauge chart. They can also view aggregate patterns within bounded regions in thematic region maps, where shapes are colored using a gradient (higher intensity colors indicate larger values, lower intensity colors indicate smaller values).

The Analytics tool is not the only API Connect component with enhanced features; check out the other What's New in API Connect blogs and sign up to try the new API Connect experience on IBM Cloud now!

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