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API Connect v10.0.3 has arrived !

By Nathan Ziemann posted Thu July 01, 2021 04:00 PM

With IBM API Connect v10.0.3 now available, we've turned another page in API Connect v10's life, celebrating one year since launch.  

v10.0.3 delivers enhanced capabilities for our market-leading IBM® API Management solution. Many new features are introduced in v10.0.3 with considerable enhancements for our v5 customers migrating to v10. 

While the list of enhancements and changes is too long to share here, you can read more about them all in the What's New page in IBM Documentation.  You can also find details on upgrading from early versions of v10 here.  And if you're coming from earlier releases, don't forget to check out our new site:  API Connect: Upgrade Central.

Here are some highlights:

-Performance enhancements related to API product publishing and manager/gateway synchronization processing.

-Autoscaling gateway pods when deployed using the Kubernetes CR (Custom Resource), available on Cloud Pak for Integration, bring your own OpenShift, or other K8s platforms). Enables the gateway deployment to scale dynamically, either vertically or horizontally, based on memory and CPU.

-GraphQL enhancements including those around subscriptions. 

-A long list of enhancements for API Developers, where an upcoming blog and video demo will share new experiences and improvements, stay tuned. This includes converging our OpenAPI editors and adding more flexibility with api testing preferences. The enhanced UX and new bells & whistles are now available more consistently for OpenAPIv3 and OpenAPIv2.

-Email notifications and template enhancements provide more awareness and flexibility to customize for company unique situations and across locales and languages.

-Activity feed for customer organizations on developer portals show users events like creations of apps & subscriptions.

-Developer Portal is upgraded from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 content management system.  This upgrade does not require specific steps to be taken.  If you are using custom modules, do check compatibility with Drupal 9. 

-Numerous features available via API and CLI are now easier to consume using the UI.