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API Connect: Upgrade Central - Making it easier to begin your move to v10

By Nathan Ziemann posted Thu May 20, 2021 07:08 PM

Are you ready to take advantage of the latest innovations in API Lifecycle Management available in API Connect v10?  Have you started to plan a move to v10?  When you're ready to start, we now have a single destination to help you.  API Connect: Upgrade Central, just launched, is dedicated to making it easier for you to begin the process.  We've brought together new material to help you learn with links to existing technical resources and tools organized by your version currently deployed.  

In order to move between major releases of software, one must: First learn about the new destination, create a plan, and execute that plan.  Along the way a number of decisions get made.  API Connect: Upgrade Central starts with learning about v10 as the destination.  Material written for existing customers on previous versions will help identify decision points and choices to make, along with considerations for those choices.  Dedicated pages provide resources and links for moving from v5 to v10, 2018 to v10 or migrating to Cloud Pak for Integration.  Bookmark the resources tab that brings together all the links in one page for easy reference. 

Check it out:  https://ibm.biz/apic-upgrade-central

Also, for those on v5 we have a brand new v5 Migration Overview presentation under Files.  This is a great asset to help explain the migration process and tooling used to move from v5 to 10 and compliments more technical assets, all linked from API Connect: Upgrade Central.