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Live Event! Ask an Expert: All about Virtual Servers

By Krista Summitt posted Fri September 18, 2020 10:20 AM


The Infrastructure as a Service topic group in the IBM Public Cloud Community invites you to join us for a
Live Ask an Expert event focusing on Virtual Servers. 

High availability is important for you and your infrastructure. Increased resiliency is vital for top Virtual Server performance and client satisfaction. You know. We know it. Now let’s really get into a discussion on how to achieve all of it.

This is your chance to ask the experts anything on virtual servers. And not just that, we want to learn from your experience and insights. After all, you’re an expert too! In fact, you will be driving the discussion for most of this session! This one-hour session is dedicated to discussing what you want to know about virtual servers and how you’re setting up for high availability and increased resiliency.


Here’s what you need to know: 

Ask an Expert: All About Virtual Servers 

Date: 24 September 2020

Time: 11:00 AM ET

Register at: https://ibm.co/32Jcq73

Don’t miss out on this engaging, customer-driven “ask an expert” session all about virtual servers. We hope to see you there!

Meet the Experts: James Belton, Ryan Sumner and Andy Sim

James Belton

Global IT Architect, IBM Cloud Customer Success

Ryan Sumner

Lead Architect, Worldwide Cloud Technical Solutions

Andy Sim

Digital CSM, Enablement Architect

James Belton has been with IBM since 2011 and within IBM Cloud since 2015. His day job is all about working directly with customers and helping them find the best path forward to achieve their goals, though he also gets actively involved in creating educational material around IBM Cloud and running various webinars.

James lives in the UK and when he’s not at the keyboard, likes to be riding his bike but admits that any Grand Tour aspirations are many years behind him. He also recently bought a bass guitar and enjoys making a racket, mostly mangling the songs of The Stranglers.

Ryan Sumner has deep knowledge, skills, and experience in solutioning and deploying real-world customer workloads on IBM Cloud.

Even after 23 years at IBM and a geek at heart, Ryan truly enjoys his day-to-day working with customers and IBM products.  In his personal time, you’ll find Ryan enjoying R&R with his family by the backyard pool or with his hands elbow-deep in his massive saltwater reef aquarium.

Andy joined IBM in 2017, currently working as a Digital CSM. During his time at IBM, his roles have consisted of Account Manager for all IBM Internal Accounts, Cloud Enablement Architect for the Digital CSM organization, and now a Digital CSM for IBM Business Partner accounts.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys working on DIY home projects with his wife, and playing with his dog and cat. He is also volunteering as a youth group leader at his local community church, which is currently operating virtually. He hopes that the day will come when he can play basketball with his friends again.