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IBM API Connect Demo Series - Part 1: AutoTest Assist

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Fri June 16, 2023 12:53 PM


This is the first blog in a series where we will be highlighting innovative features from IBM API Connect. 

AutoTest Assist

IBM API Connect AutoTest Assist simplifies and accelerates API testing by automating the testing process and detecting errors. AutoTest Assist provides valuable feedback on your APIs during development through AI-based random request generation, guided by the API definition and custom rules.

By creating and running an AutoTest profile, you control the Assist's behavior, and you can create multiple profiles against the same API to cover different use cases. A profile specifies how the autotest should run and which endpoints it should test. A default profile is constructed so that you can get immediate feedback without extensive setup.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Automated Testing: The AutoTest Assist sends randomly-generated requests to exercise your API, identifying conformance errors and server-side errors without the need for extensive test case creation.

  2. Easy Configuration: By creating and running an AutoTest profile, you control the Assist's behavior and specifying the endpoints to test.  A default profile can be quickly set up using just the target URL and credentials.

  3. Early Error Detection: During API development, AutoTest Assist promptly identifies implementation errors, helping developers rectify issues and ensure API quality.

  4. Enhanced Regression Testing: The random nature of AutoTest Assist's requests uncovers regressions that traditional test cases may miss, providing comprehensive coverage for your API.

  5. Complementary Testing Solution: AutoTest Assist works alongside existing testing tools, complementing your testing strategy and providing valuable information for creating focused test cases.

To see IBM API Connect AutoTest Assist in action, watch this 2-minute demo:


If you would like a deeper dive into IBM API Connect AutoTest Assist through a webinar or demo, let us know in the comments! 

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