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Messaging Versus Event Streaming: Differences, Similarities and More!

By Gabriel Marte Blanco posted Thu May 18, 2023 04:05 PM


Throughout my tech journey – from the scrappy hustle of startups to my recent experience at IBM, I've consistently found myself gravitating toward discussions around emerging technologies, their practical applications, and their effectiveness in addressing the distinctive challenges that organizations encounter (For example, our recent discussion around RPA vs. Workflow). Being involved in the integration portfolio, my focus has lately shifted toward two specific technologies: Messaging and Event Streaming. At first glance, they may seem to serve similar functions. Still, a closer examination uncovers a wealth of unique attributes and ideal use cases for each, highlighting their significance in shaping a company's data strategy.

In our recent expert paper, "Messaging and Event Streaming: Similar Technologies, but with Very Different Characteristics," authored by Kim Clark, we thoroughly examined these intriguing technologies. We covered many topics, such as when and how to employ these tools most effectively, how to select the right tool for the right job and the unique capabilities of each technology. We also explored how they can work in tandem to accomplish specific objectives.

This comprehensive exploration touches on the distinct characteristics of Messaging and Event Streaming and reinforces their combined importance in developing an effective enterprise data strategy. Organizations can create a robust data management system that meets their needs by understanding when to use these technologies and how to optimally leverage their unique strengths.

But these are my words - for a better understanding of the differences between Messaging and Event Streaming, check out our latest Automation GPS episode, where Kim gave us a breakdown of his paper, the two technologies, his insights, and the opportunity for our audience to ask their most intriguing questions.

Watch the recording:


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