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What's new in DataPower Operations Dashboard v109

By Fernando Barsoba posted Sat July 27, 2019 03:19 AM

DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD)  v1.0.9 is finally here! Our engineering team has worked tirelessly over the last few months to deliver the next major version of IBM’s monitoring and problem determination solution for applications that are secured and optimized by DataPower Gateways. This release also brings major improvements in the  tracing and monitoring solution for the IBM DataPower and API Connect infrastructure, as well as some of the first capabilities around IBM MQ monitoring.

Perhaps our most salient feature on this version is the new Appliance Migration Wizard. This is our first step by step wizard to backup and restore configuration between gateways. This migration feature will help your DataPower Ops teams to  back up a source gateways, performs validation on both source and target appliances, and restore the backup to the target gateway. Check out this cool video on the appliance migration wizard!

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2019/07/DPOD-Migration-Assistant.mp4"][/video]


Improvements on service configuration and analysis with a new dashboard showing all recent configuration changes for a service, as well as a latency or number of errors around the time of change. This is of great assistance to evaluate the run-time effect of a change

We have created a new portal for reports and alerts executions that will allow you  to view past alerts or reports or even download reports.

Major improvements for reports and alerts. For instance we have added more filter types for API Connect reports. Now reports and alerts are now bound to a product (Gateway or API Connect).

But there's more. We have introduced new alert and system health metric for monitoring IBM MQ Connections, a new alert for monitoring services that did not run in the last X minutes, alert for monitoring API Connect transactions that ended with a specific HTTP status code, plus a new Transactions Latency Statistics report.

Great improvements around API Connect Integration such as new context variable capturing to the policy variables capture, or the ability to handle more cases of early failed transactions (OAuth, 403, etc). At the same time we have improved error analysis as well as the payload recording.

There's a new Web UI that is leveraged by most of DPOD's admin functionality, such as stopping or starting DPOD's services.

In terms of new IBM MQ related functionality, we have a new dashboard that shows Gateway's MQ objects stats such as number of idle and active connections.

In addition we now support synchronization and firmware upgrade for IDG 2018.x firmwares, and a new REST API for updating gateway's details.

DataPower Operations Dashboard comes in v109 full of new features and improvements that we are sure you will enjoy and which will help you even monitor your DataPower and API Connect infrastructure. As we are expanding our tracing capabilities to other products of the IBM integration portfolio, stay tuned for news around the next chapter of our Operations Dashboard journey...


The DPOD Team