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What's new in DataPower Operations Dashboard v1.0.7

By Fernando Barsoba posted Thu March 22, 2018 12:00 AM

On March 21st we released DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD) v1.0.7.  This is the latest version of IBM's monitoring and problem determination solution for applications that are secured and optimized by DataPower Gateways. The latest version 1.0.7 brings improvements around several major areas such as new support for DataPower physical appliance, UX/UI, and integration with API Connect, IBM's comprehensive API management solution for the entire API lifecycle. Let's look at these new features with more detail.

Support for the new X2 Gateway physical appliance

We recently announced the newest IBM DataPower Gateway physical appliance, the IDG X2. DPOD now extends its advanced operations console and monitoring capabilities to this new generation appliance  If you are in the process of refreshing your DataPower Gateway physical infrastructure, you can use DPOD v.1.0.7 to manage and monitor your new IDG X2 appliance. 

Support for Tenant Isolation

Tenant isolation was announced with the DataPower Gateway firmware 7.6. Now with DPOD v1.0.7 you have the ability to monitor transactions on DataPower appliance with tenants, which are recognized by DPOD as just another gateway.

UX/UI Improvements

We have made several enhancements to the UI. First, if you are an admin logging in to the console, you will be presented with a message indicating when the latest transaction was stored. This feature gives you a quick sanity check that the DPOD platform runs smoothly and that all recent DataPower or API Connect transactions are being processed and stored.


Another nice new feature is the ability to export to a CVS file of DataPower and API Connect transactions lists for offline processing. Now if you want to run any transaction analysis of your own, you have all the transaction data that DPOD processes at your disposal.

 We have also improved the latency related features in DPOD v1.0.7 by adding percentile data to the Service URL/URI Calls dashboards to quickly identify high latency API calls. And with the click of a button you can create new latency alerts based on a specific percentile value, just with the click of a button.

And to make sure that the information that you care about is easily identifiable, we have provided with the the ability to hid or reorder columns in the Transactions, Raw Messages and API Connect Transactions views.

Integration with IBM API Connect

The very popular early failing request dashboard, which gives you a list of all requests that failed before invocation of a processing rule in the service is now available in the API Connect panel. But perhaps one of the best examples of the commitment of our team to further integrate with IBM API Connect is the new API Connect Recent Activity dashboard that displays a high-level overview of APIs activity. Now you can see the APIs with greater latency, the number of successful APIs, and APIs in error plus summarized views of plan activity and API activity.

DevOps Improvements

With DPOD v1.0.7 you can automate the configuration of DataPower domains that were reset and populated with default values. Sometimes those actions are caused by accidental maintenance operations, so DPOD can now restore and synchronize those domains and save hours of manual reconstruction. 

A new DataPower managing capability will surely delight DataPower DevOps teams. You can create firmware upgrade plans for either virtual or physical DataPower appliances. You can set maintenance windows, pre-plan and post-plan, as well as error policies for validation or execution of the plan. 

One of our most popular features is the capturing of payloads. Users can create a DataPower WS-M agent subscription to capture the payload of transactions flowing through your DataPower gateway infrastructure. We now provide with the ability to do payload capture on multiple devices or domains at once.


Last but not least, we have created a new set of reports around URI latency reports. These reports will provide information on transactions run during a specific timeframe, as well as latency percentiles to identify those transactions with higher latency.

For a quick introduction of DataPower Operations Dashboard, check out this video!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uddx87PpOhk&w=854&h=480]




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