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Introducing the DataPower Gateway IDG X2 Physical Appliance

By Fernando Barsoba posted Fri March 16, 2018 07:23 PM

We just announced the new DataPower physical appliance IDG X2 to the market. The next generation of IBM DataPower Gateways improves upon our proven track record as the industry’s leading application security and integration gateway.  IBM DataPower Gateway X2 provides improved performance, reliability, and serviceability, while improving operational efficiency. The IDG X2 delivers the following capabilities:

  • Up to 2X enhanced performance with next generation hardware architecture compared to IBM DataPower Gateways (IDG)

  • 2X higher capacity flash drive and 2X 10GbE network ports compared to IDG to accelerate application responsiveness

  • Enhanced memory and workload capacity available for higher performance and/or to run additional tenants with governance and lower TCO

[caption id="attachment_9885" align="alignright" width="416"]DataPower X2 appliance The new DataPower X2 physical appliance[/caption]

Let's look at the X2's main capabilities in more detail.

More Raw Performance

The IBM DataPower Gateway X2 delivers up to two times more throughput than the current IBM DataPower Gateway, with lower latency, a higher core CPU core count, and more dedicated execution threads to network interrupts. The appliance runs with a powerful new CPU that has 2x12 hyper-threaded cores which provides higher responsiveness for all workloads. 

More CPU execution threads (48 vs 40) than the IDG that results in higher throughput and lower latency. Also, since it can boast of more CPU power solely dedicated to network interrupts, this results in higher networking capacity.

More Networking Capacity

As said, the new IDG X2 physical appliance delivers higher network capacity and performance with four 10Gb (twice the number of ports compared to the IDG) and eight 1Gb application traffic ports. The additional 10Gb ports will provide higher reliability in load balancing and failover scenarios. 

And the additional CPU execution threads dedicated to networking processing will deliver a more balanced performance across storage, networking, and CPU.

The most powerful DataPower appliance yet

As you can see in the table below, the IDG X2 brings about improvements in many areas, from CPU and flash memory to the Hardware Security Model (HSM) card, which shows considerable performance increase (in RSA operations per second with 2048-bit keys).

[caption id="attachment_9886" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DataPower 9005, 9006, and 9007 physical appliances IBM DataPower Gateway Physical Appliances: A Comparison[/caption]

If your organization is thinking about an upgrade to secure the benefits and capabilities of the new gateway, or if you would like any additional information about the IBM DataPower Gateway X2, please contact IBM. There are two ways to contact us: send us an email or call us directly at 1-877-426-3774 using the priority code “Middleware” to talk to a helpful representative.