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Whats New ! API Connect Reserved Instance - Configure IAM

By Christopher Phillips posted Thu February 25, 2021 10:19 AM


More and more people are signing up to IBM API Connect Reserved Instance. IBM API Connect Reserved Instance allows you to have all the benefits of API Connect while IBM manages the infrastructure so you can just bring your developers and publish APIs. Also you can bring in additional Gateway Services from a different location or from your Data Center to be managed by API Connect in RI.

One of the common questions I am asked is how do we configure complex user topologies to allow only subsets of users to each role.

Thanks to Ricky Moorhouse for his help and support putting this together

In IAM you need to configure two things

  • A role - collection of permissions
  • Access Group - collection of users

You then apply the role to the access group and specify which RI provider org is for.

Please go to my blog to see the full steps at

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Wed July 12, 2023 06:15 PM

HI Cris.

I have a Reserved Instance of API Connect, and I have configured the IAM and managed to assign some roles, to the users.

Now my concern is how to map a role created in API Connect in the reserved instance, against the IAM.

For example, I have a role called someViews created in the roles section in API Connect and I want to assign it, but that new role does not appear in the IAM, and the IAM when I assign a new role does not allow me to see as granular as in api connect.

How can I assign a custom role in API Connect in a reserved instance since everything must be done from IAM and IAM is restricted in certain things.