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API 'Governance as Code' for a Decentralized world

By Christopher Phillips posted Wed October 28, 2020 10:08 AM


Things ‘Everybody Knows’ about governance:

  • Governance is important.
  • Governance provides controls.
  • Governance enforces consistency.
  • Governance appears to reduce the velocity of development.
  • Governance does not provide value but it does reduce unplanned expense.

This is part four of a series on how to apply governance for API Connect. Governance is sometimes considered a taboo topic because when people imagine governance, they see red tape that stifles progress. If governance is designed properly it can provide a single approach for all parts of the project with minimal impact on the development rate.

When I break down applying Governance for an API or Service factory I focus on three areas

  • Ownership - Who ones and controls the API at a certain point in the development process
  • Certification - Which gates have the API been through, where autonomously or by a human
  • Standards - Consistent Naming and structure

Governance is not just done at the start of the process of developing an API but comes into every stage.

This article will go through how each one of these areas can be addressed in an automated process to minimize the overhead.

To see the full article please go to my blog here https://chrisphillips-cminion.github.io/apiconnect/2020/10/28/apicgov4-as-code.html