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IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.1 delivers with Installation Manager, EWM, and more!

By Gerald Mitchell posted Fri March 17, 2023 06:02 PM


IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.1 is now green, for go! with IBM Installation Manager support!

You may remember IDz 16.0.0 from way back in October of 2022 where we announced then quickly followed with the IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.0 availability

We are not doing an announcement this time: IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.1 is here, Now, On the new z/OS Explorer 3.3.1 Aqua level.

As always, the What's New in IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0 and IBM Explorer for z/OS 3.3 has the full details, as I am just highlighting some of the new features.

Do also check out the blog post What's new in IBM z/OS Debugger 16.0.1 for the updates and new features in Code Coverage, Profiles, and more!

IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition (IDz EE) 16.0.1 is also updated, with the new  IDz 16.0.1 and IBM Debug for z/OS 16.0.1, the released DBB 2.0.0, but also Wazi for VS Code 2.4.0 (see editor changes here) and Wazi Dev Spaces 2.3.0 (see editor changes here) are available now, too!

IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS (ADFz) 4.0.1 rounds out the updates on top of IDz EE 16.0.1, with new updates to IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS (FA) 15.1.1  and IBM File Manager (FM) for z/OS 15.1.1 and shipping IBM Application Performance Analyzer (APA) for z/OS 15.1.0 client for the new APA 15.1.1 on host.

IBM Installation Manager installation

Since I led with the IBM Installation Manager news, I will start with that since it is fairly simple: IBM Explorer for z/OS 3.3.1, IBM Debug for z/OS  16.0.1, and IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz) 16.0.1, IBM CICS Explorer 5.5.28 Transaction Gateway 3.1.0 Configuration Manager, IBM Fault Analyzer (FA) 15.1.1, IBM File Manager (FM) 15.1.1, and IBM z/OS Connect EE 3.3.0 now all have IBM Installation Manager (IM) support for install, but make sure you upgrade IM to or you will miss out on the fun. 

Yes, that means that Aqua 3.3 based ADFz 4.0.1 now also has an Installation Manager install option in a single go.

IBM Enterprise Workflow Management 7.0.2 SR1 iFix 20 on IDz 16.0.1

IBM Enterprise Workflow Management (EWM) 7.0.2 Service Release (SR) 1 Interim Fix (iFix) 20 can now be installed into IDz 16.0.1, provided you do a few things...

  1. you have to use the latest of the latest supported versions right now, EWM 7.0.2 SR1 iFix 20, for the client.
  2. Currently the EWM Client needs to be a P2 install of the whole client of 7.0.2 iFix 20 version or later, and NOT from Installation Manager.  (sorry) You can still install IDz from IM and then install EWM via P2 Director or through Help -> Install new Software...

This does allow you to then also install EWM Integration for z/OS 16.0.1 for User Builds!

Linux is a supported operating system for IDz 16.0.1

Linux is now a supported operating system for IDz 16.0.1, but with one caveat: Remote Connection Emulator is NOT available for Linux in IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.1.

Db2 Data Tooling LPEX SQL support

IDz 16.0.1 has now enhanced SQL capabilities in the IDz LPEX Editor for editing SQL. This includes what you would want in developing SQL in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like running selected SQL statements and tuning selected SQL statements. Run the whole open SQL file if you want.


learn more about our Db2 data tools: watch the replay of the Data Tooling webinar! Replay here:

Documentation improvements

Documentation improvements includes a new approach for getting HLASM developers up and running quickly, 

and more details on managing z/OS-based licensing for Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition.

Languages and editor function

What else is there to talk about in IDz 16.0.1? Oh, I have more....

  • Show Expanded Source for COBOL and PL/I is now easier to manage, by ignoring a consistent folder in your source code repository integration with a git .gitignore or EWM .jazzignore file declaration.
  • The COBOL and PL/I language-sensitive help are updated, including CICS 6.1 updates.
  • COBOL formatting can now align INTO and TO.
  • We added Copybook capitalization options for COBOL formatting
  • The newer Enterprise PL/I for z/OS version 6.1 PTFs  are now supported.

ZUnit (z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework)

  • There is a new User Libraries field in property groups, to have additional libraries to run with the program under test. 
  • CICS target names are manually editable.
  • More messaging around issues, with possible solutions, to help guide you.

Remote Connection Emulator

Of course, we have also been continuously improving the Remote Connection Emulator (RCE) user experience so you can get to your green screen.

  • RCE left and right modifier keys differentiation for mapping is available.
  • RCE help is now at your fingertips. If you have a question, look for the "?" at the top right or in the panel.

Explorer for z/OS

  • Remote System Details view remembers user-customized column widths.
  • JES Spool editor provides actions for hold, release, purge and cancel.

Remote System Explorer (RSE) Application Programming Interface (API) 1.1.1

  • RACF/SAF keyring support is there.
  • RSE API can run under ATTLS.
  • Custom cipher support is here.
  • Scan all members in an MVS data set or UNIX folder!
  • You can use substitution variables in the job submit API.

And if you wonder why I am including RSE API you must have not read about the wonderful Java SDK for RSE APIs from October!

If you aren't familiar with Java development for z/OS at all, also check out Getting started with Java applications on z/OS

Dependency Based Build (DBB) 2.0

I briefly mentioned this in the IDz EE 16.0.1 comment above but in case you missed it, DBB 2.0.0 is worthy of another quick mention: DBB Next generation (2.0) is now available!!

Also I want to call out an excellent series being written up, now at part 2 of 3, for migrating to DBB 2.0. Start at Migrating to IBM Dependency Based Build 2.0 (Part 1)  and then read Migrating to IBM Dependency Based Build 2.0 (Part 2) to learn more and then eagerly await part 3...

Other Product releases

Note that there were a lot of other product releases in the Aqua 3.3 Stream at the same time! 

See for the up-to-date information.