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Oh look! IDz 16.0.0 and IDz EE 16.0.0 and ADFz 4.0.0 announcements!

By Gerald Mitchell posted Wed October 05, 2022 12:06 AM


Here are my favorite product announcements for the autumn season:

IDz 16.0.0, IDz EE 16.0.0, and ADFz 4.0.0 available on October 14, 2022.

IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.0 delivers client support for Eclipse 4.23 and Java 11 and introduces Db2 for z/OS Database Tooling; IBM Dependency Based Build 2.0.0 simplifies installation 

IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 4.0.0 and IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition 16.0.0 deliver client support for Eclipse 4.23 and Java 11 with enhancements across the product suite

So many products in the new this fall:
  • IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.0
  • IBM Debug for z/OS
  • IBM Explorer for z/OS 3.3
  • Dependency Based Build 2.0.0
  • IBM Wazi for VS Code 2.2
  • IBM Wazi for DevSpaces 2.2
  • IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS 15.1.0
  • IBM File Manager for z/OS 15.1.0
  • IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS 15.1.0
Today I am just providing a brochure of highlights and previews for IDz 16.0.0 and have to forego, for now, covering several of the newly announced capabilities and enhancements. Rest assured that I will make sure to bring more details  to the community on or before the availability date.

IBM Semeru Java 11 runtime. This is the latest and greatest JDK for the z/OS environment, and Eclipse 4.23 requires at least Java 11.

IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua 3.3 is Eclipse IDE 4.23-based. Yes! This brings several generations of function, performance, and UI enhancements to the IDE. Eclipse 4.23 IDE (also known as 2022-03) brings with it better theming, large file associations for editors, code minings for problem annotations, a miniature map view of the file while editing, and compatibility with later versions of plugins.

IDz 16.0.0 migrated the Getting Started into Eclipse cheat sheets, providing standardized inline step by step tutorials and instructions. Eclipse supports you adding your own Eclipse cheat sheets too.

The new IBM Db2 for z/OS Database Tooling is integrated into IDz 16.0.0 from the start, including having those cheat sheets to help get you started.

The IBM Db2 for z/OS Database Tooling enables you to execute SQL statements from COBOL and PL/I programs, to use SQL Tuning Services,  run Visual Explain, Statistics Advisor, and Capture Query Environment, and to validate schema, table, and column names in EXEC SQL statements against a database catalog.

There is so much more to tout, but I am stopping here for now.

Well OK, one extra thing: IBM Documentation Offline at allows you to host the documentation in an app on your desktop for easy reach or on your own intranet. 

I will provide more information on IDz 16.0.0 very soon, as availability is coming  in 10 days!

Reminder: register for the upcoming webinar Developer experience for hybrid applications on IBM Z Systems on October 27!
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Wed October 19, 2022 06:41 PM

Just to add, IDz 16.0.0 is now downloadable on the Mainframe Dev Aqua download site, see my post IBM Developer for z/OS 16.0.0 is now available! for more information.