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What's new in IBM z/OS Debugger 16.0.1

By Violaine Batthish posted Fri March 17, 2023 08:00 AM


A new release of z/OS Debugger is now available with many new features, and fixes (12 APARs).

Installation Manager

IBM Debug for z/OS is now available for install via Installation Manager.  IBM Debug for z/OS is no longer bundled with the IDz Installation Manager offering. It is provided as an extension offering to the IBM Explorer for z/OS offering.  For more information see Installing the IBM Debug for z/OS Eclipse IDE with IBM Installation Manager.

Day 1 Support

z/OS Debugger continues its commitment to provide Day 1 compiler support with the following:

  • Support is added for IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.19
  • Support is added for 31-bit PL/I applications compiled with TEST(SOURCE). The following APARs are required for this support:
    • z/OS Language Environment® APAR PH49423
    • Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 6.1 APAR PH50085

Code Coverage

        The code coverage interface continues its evolution and its mission of simplification and ease of use. The multiple import menu actions and buttons in the Code Coverage Results view are now consolidated into a single menu action and button to import results.

A wizard dialog that has a radio box which can be selected for different code coverage formats that can be imported.

       Code coverage reports showcase an improved summary sections that provides more useful statistics and better usability:

The threshold (failure, warning, passed) colors can now also be customized in the code coverage reports:

Code Coverage Service now supports downloading into various CCAPI exporter formats: PDF, SonarQube, and Cobertura, in addition to CCZIP. For more information, see Code Coverage Service API Documentation.

z/OS Debugger Profiles view

In the Debug Profile Editor, the CICS user ID field is now pre-populated with the reserved keyword &USERID, which is substituted with the currently logged-in user ID upon profile activation, reducing the number of fields you need to fill in, and making it easier to share profiles via Import/Export with other users:

Synchronization of profiles can now be configured on the IBM z/OS Debugger Preferences page:

For more information, see Setting debug preferences.

Debug Manager

Debug Manager can now be run in a sysplex.  Sysplex support requires Eclipse IDE 16.0.1 or later. For more information, see Enabling sysplex support.
A configuration file can now be used to start Debug Manager which helps bypass the command line limitations of 100 characters. For more information, see Running Debug Manager as a started task using a configuration file.

Launch Configurations

Finally, a small but handy enhancement:  when using the z/OS Batch Application configurations, either for debug or code coverage, and the job ends in error, you will now see a message allowing you to open the JCL to investigate the issue:

And don't forget, if you are working with JCL that does not include a job card, you can always set a default job card in the preferences:
The job card can always be overridden in the launch configuration. For more information see Additional JCL Options Tab.

Happy debugging!