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Getting started with Java applications on z/OS


I was recently asked for some pointers on where to look for helpful resources to get started with writing and running stand-alone Java applications on z/OS®. Not running Java in CICS® or IMS. Not in a Liberty Server. Just a plain old Java application (with a main() method!) submitted as a batch job on z/OS. So, I put together the following list of doc sites, Redbooks®, and github links that address the main questions when looking at getting a first Java application on z/OS up and running.

Keep in mind, these questions weren’t coming from someone looking to create a fully automated CI/CD pipeline using the latest tools in support of enterprise DevOps in an integrated hybrid cloud environment. He just wanted to know where to start with Java on z/OS.

Where do I get it? How do I install and use it?

How do I develop Java applications with Eclipse with the intent of running them on z/OS?


How do I submit Java applications as batch jobs on z/OS and read/write z/OS files (equivalent links exist for v11)?


Any other gotchas or useful things to know about Java on z/OS?

IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS product page -


Fri March 31, 2023 04:57 PM

Well said Georges, nice consolidation of resources by Bill Keller!

Looking forward to more blog ideas and writers to contribute to this Java on z/OS community.

Sat March 18, 2023 09:41 PM

Sometimes as programmer you want to put together all knowledge you like.  This is one!