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DBB Next generation (2.0) is now available!!

By Gatien DUPRE posted 14 days ago


You certainly know IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) ?

You know that IBM DBB is the only solution on the market that allows you to directly compile your Cobol or PLI sources stored in GIT. You will certainly appreciate the ability offered by IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) to dynamically analyse dependencies between sources, allowing the automatic generation of all application components impacted by a change.

You know that DBB executable generation can be driven by any CI orchestrator on the market and stored as is in an artifact repository. So mainframe development will seamlessly integrate with the DevOps software lifecycle used by all other technologies in the organisation.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the release of version 2.0 of this tool - The first major version upgrade for DBB. So many new and exciting features like new APIs for DBB metadata and adding Java 11 support.

A revised architecture to become more Agile !

In the previous version of DBB 1.x, part of the architecture was based on the use of a Liberty server. This led to some complexities, in terms of:

  • Installation

  • Implementation of high availability

For this reason, the new DBB architecture has freed itself from the need for a server by allowing direct access to the metadata from the tool kit. This simplifies the installation. Now DBB consists of a single component (previously referred to as the DBB Toolkit) that is installed on z/OS UNIX with SMPE.

With the removal of DBB server, we have built APIs to access metadata stored in DB2 databases. Refer documentation here to understand how to use the new APIs and how to set the JDBC connection settings for the databases.

Another very positive effect is that the performance of the whole build chain is increased (especially if you choose to host the meta Data store in DB2 z/OS).

New APIs

Support for Java 11

In addition to continuing to support running on the IBM Java 8 64-bit JVM, DBB v2.0 now also supports IBM Semeru (Java 11) JVM. For more information, see Prerequisites.

And there is more

There is a new version of zAppBuild 3.0 that supports DBB 2.0 new APIs. Also DBB 2.0 generates HTML reports in static format. SearchPathDependencyResolver and SearchPathImpactFinder become the primary APIs to use as original DependencyResolver and ImpactResolver are deprecated and then there are fixes.To read more about the features in DBB 2.0, refer to our documentation.

IBM Product Offerings containing IBM Dependency Based Build

DBB is available in stand-alone, but also in premium offers such as :

We are very excited to announce that, it is now available as part of the “IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack” offering and “IBM Wazi as a Service” offering.

Become an actor of the change, Why not you ?

We look forward to your continued support of DBB. Please join this community to take part in discussions about IBM DBB.

At IBM, we are committed to working with our customers to evolve our offerings to meet your needs and DBB is no exception. That's why we are launching a Sponsor User program at the end of the year to define the areas of improvement to focus on in our future development. If you are interested, contact me directly at

Best Regards,

Gatien Dupre

Senthil Nathan