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IBM MQ, IBM MQ for z/OS and IBM MQ Appliance firmware 9.2.3 Continuous Delivery releases are available

Where can I get IBM MQ 9.2.3 from? What’s new in the MQ 9.2.3 CD release? Can I get a copy of IBM MQ for development purposes? Downloadable resources MQ system requirements and documentation What function has released in previous continuous delivery updates? Remind me how...

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A demo of Event Endpoint Management

Last week, we released the latest version of Event Endpoint Management in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration 2021.2.1. It allows organisations to share and manage access to their Kafka topics. In this post, I want to share a run-through of how it all works. I'll start with a high level summary...

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Using IBM® App Connect to interact with Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is an object storage service for storing and accessing live or archived data. The objects are stored in containers that are called buckets. It is a flexible cloud storage product with several options to manage and store your data. Using Google Cloud Storage with App...

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TLSv1.3 in WebSphere Application Server

The history of SSL/TLS in the enterprise has been a dramatic one over the past decade or so. In 2014, the IT world was rocked by the discovery of a serious security vulnerability called POODLE, affecting what was then the de facto standard for communication encryptions, SSLv3. Information...

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IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0.1

We're excited to share news about the next version of IBM App Connect Enterprise, due for general availability at the end of the month. To read highlights about the new features and capabilities included in this release, download the PDF attached or click on the on-line link to open...

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Introducing IBM WebSphere Automation - Automate IBM WebSphere operations to quickly unlock value with increased security, resiliency and performance

Today, I am pleased to announce IBM WebSphere Automation – a new offering from the WebSphere Application Server team focused on alleviating the manual toil of day to day WebSphere operations and maintenance. Solution Overview WebSphere Automation has a simple value proposition:...

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