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Customer service and AI Masterclass

This is a series of videos that help you understand the value of bringing an AI solution to bear in addressing your customer service challenges. Not very technical, this is a high level look at why and how you apply AI against customer service challenges. #ai #customer-service #Featured...

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IBM DataStage: Use cases

AI-powered data integration for all your multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. Explore use cases including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail & consumer products, and energy & utilities. #Highlights-home #Highlights #Spotlight #DataStage #ai ...

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AI and Big Data: Even More Information about Your Customers

As technologies that take and analyze data proliferate, so, too, do businesses' experiences to contextualize data and draw new insights from it. Artificial intelligence is a critical tool for data capture , analysis, and collection of data that many businesses are using for a range of...

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Writing for AI

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Reclaim the power of AI!

Originally posted by: seb IBM Systems Technical University 2018 in Rome is already 3 weeks ago and I still try to sort all the impressions I got. There were a lot of topics that merely felt like hypes before but now really impact day-to-day reality. NVMe over FC, deep learning and even...

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