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IBM Maximo Monitor ROI Calculator

See the value that advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring can bring to your organization. IBM Maximo Monitor enables AI-powered remote asset monitoring at enterprise scale for asset maintenance and operations leaders seeking to optimize operating performance with fewer, more...

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Why B2B organizations need an advanced order and inventory management solution

Many B2B companies, including those in automotive, electronics, and manufacturing, are at a crossroads with their sales and inventory management processes. Historically, they’ve been reliant on legacy or ERP systems – tools that were designed for predictable, back office business processes. As...

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5 ways modern B2B infrastructure fuels efficiencies in the energy and utilities sector

A significant portion of the population is now working from home. That trend will likely continue, as 83% of companies surveyed expect hybrid workplaces to become the norm. When power outages occur due to extreme hot or cold weather as recently experienced in the U.S., shortages of water, food...

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AiTalks Podcast: Why does omni-channel success keep retailers awake at night

What omni-channel success means to retailers in 2021 is the theme for this AiTalks podcast hosted by Kylie Jones and Tim Hillman from IBM's UK supply chain business. Our special guests Anthony Farrow and Leo Muid from Accenture discuss the impact of speed of retailer recovery through the...

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COMMON introduces NAViGATE 2021 – IBM i education reimagined - May 24 - 26, 2021

NAViGATE is COMMON’s new hybrid conference, taking place May 24-26, 2021 in Columbus, OH and online . Join the COMMON community for 250+ quick-hit sessions, each targeting specific problems and challenges you face on the job. Engage with over 100 IBM i experts from around the globe during...

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How to retrieve assets in a data science project of Cloud Pak for Data 3.5 by APIs

How to retrieve assets in a data science project of Cloud Pak for Data 3.5 by APIs Many data engineers, business analysts and data scientists are developing data models and analyzing data in the containerized enterprise AI and Data platform IBM Cloud Pak for Data. And more data scientists...

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Pull me out from "Something's wrong, but we are trying to fix it." when openning an analytic project

We have met several Cloud Pak for Data 301 client reports that "Something's wrong, but we are trying to fix it." when they open an analytic project. Such as below snapshots: On the home page, it also shows that "Something's wrong, but we are trying to fix it". While all backend pods are...

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DataStax and IBM partnership will scale the intelligence of your enterprise

IBM is expanding from its current DataStax Cloud offering to include a hybrid solution set addressing both private and public cloud environments in support of applications requiring Cassandra-based technology. #Highlights #Highlights-home #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home #Featured...

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How to use IBM Spectrum Scale with CSI Operator 1.0 on Openshift 4.2 - sample usage scenario with Tensorflow deployment

In this blog entry I would like to present how to use the IBM Spectrum Scale with CSI Operator on Openshift 4.2 by introducing a sample Tensorflow deployment with assigned GPFS storage. The basic concepts of CSI, storage provisioning, deployment and service routes will be covered in detail. At...