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The evolving role of the chief procurement officer

The role of the chief procurement officer is changing. According to LinkedIn Economic Graph Research , CPO ranks 11 on the list of fastest growing C-suite titles of 2020, with 15% growth (as a proportion of total C-suite hires last year). The need for more — and more critically thinking —...

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Deploying IBM Sterling Order Management on AWS

Consumer behavior has changed in recent months with shoppers embracing an omnichannel retail experience like never before. More and more customers are buying online and picking up their order in the store, while many others are buying online and want the flexibility to return items at any store...

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Retailers share: Lessons learned from a pandemic

Have you wondered how other top retailers are managing through the pandemic? Do you wish you knew what was keeping your peers up at night right now? Well, IBM had the opportunity to do just that. IBM recently joined several large retailers across fashion, beauty, jewelry and more, for a...

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Safeguarding Data With Proactive Threat Detection

It’s a data-driven world and data is the new crown jewel that serves as one of the key assets for the growth of an organization. Data is also assisting organizations to discover new business insights, identify buying patterns, business trends, customer behavior and more—all of which are required...

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2020/06/10 & 11開催 量子コンピューター入門

2020/06/10と11に開催したTechnology at a glanceでは、「量子コンピューター」を取り上げました。 IBM社員だけでなく、ご家族の方々にもご参加いただいた特別企画のReplayを公開します。 未来のQuantum Native(量子コンピューターが当たり前になる世代)と一緒に、ハンズオンにチャレンジしてみてください。 Let's Quantum! 【対象】 中高生以上推奨(年齢制限はありません) 【#1 講義編】 講師: 小林 有里 (日本アイ・ビー・エム株式会社 IBM Quantum, Qiskit...

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2020/11/27開催 がん医療とテクノロジー - 慶應義塾大学病院 林田先生を迎えて

医療分野でのテクノロジーの活用は年々進んでおり、がん医療も含め予防・診断など様々な角度からその向上を支援しています。乳がんは日本人女性がかかるがんの中では近年もっとも頻度が高く、若い年代から働き盛りを中心に年間9万人が新たに罹患されています。早期発見により高い確率で治癒する病気のため、病気と早期発見への正しい理解と啓蒙が重要になっています。 2020/11/27に開催したTechnology at a glanceでは「がん医療とテクノロジー」をテーマに...

20201127 Technology at a glance_がん医療とテクノロジー(公開用).mp4

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Forecasting with Lead Regression

We got a pioneering company manufacturing Roof Shingles in Minnesota, US. Client was progressing towards implementing Industry 4.0 benchmark and developing analytics for their plants is an important activity in it. They implemented 100’s of sensors along their assembly line that are...

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Timbaland breaks down the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach ( ficky-ficky)

Platinum hitmaker and producer Timbaland describes how a hybrid cloud approach with IBM helps your data, apps and clouds work together in concert. Watch below: #Highlights-home #Highlights #hybrid #hybridcloud #CloudNative

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Accessible bookcast streaming service becomes securely available on IBM Cloud

Accessible entertainment isn’t often easily accessible. The mainstream entertainment industry doesn’t cater to people who can’t see or hear well; people with PTSD, autism or epilepsy; or those who are learning English as a second language. These population segments can become isolated, and then...

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IBM Cloud News: BYOK/KYOK for IBM Cloud Hyper Protect, VMware on Cloud solutions, and Gartner Peer Insights

Welcome back to the third episode of IBM Cloud Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM Cloud news and announcements! Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: This week, Sai Vennam...