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デジタル・トランスフォーメーションにおけるIBM Zの役割 (第二回) ― Hybrid CloudにおけるIBM Zの位置付け ― (vol97-0011-mainframe)

野村 幸平 Kohei Nomura 日本アイ・ビー・エム株式会社 テクノロジー事業本部 Hybrid Cloud & AI Systems Center エグゼクティブITスペシャリスト 1999 年日本 IBM 入社。以来、製造業、金融業のお客様を中心に大規模 Web システムの設計および構築を幅広く経験。現在は、クラウド、マイクロサービス、 AI などの先進テクノロジーを中心に、講演活動、企業での活用におけるプロジェクトに多く携わる。 IBM Z®[ 1 ]は 1964 年に発表された System 360...

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デジタル・トランスフォーメーションにおけるIBM Zの役割(第一回) ― IBM Zテクノロジーの現在と今後 ― (vol97-0005-mainframe)

IBM Z[ 1 ]は 1964 年に発表された System 360 の流れを汲む汎用コンピューター、所謂メインフレームです。現在も世界中のお客様の基幹業務を支える基盤として利用され続けています。一方、分散サーバーの進化、クラウド利用の普及、そしてお客様のデジタル・トランスフォーメーション( Digital Transformation 、以下 DX )の流れなどがあり、 IBM Z も大きな変化が求められています。そこで、次の 4 回のシリーズで IBM Z の今後と DX 対応について特集します。 IBM Zテクノロジーの現在と今後 ( 今号) Hybrid...

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Plenty of Room in Z Security for "New-Collar" Developers…and for You Gamers, Plenty of Weapons

By Marilyn Thornton I’m going to be right up front with you, dear readers. This is a recruiting blog. It’s likely that if you are reading this in the IBM Security Community space, you already have a role in an IT security discipline, but there are young men and women out there who may not have...

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Ansible for z/OS with Bryant Panyarachun

Big thanks to Bryant Panyarachun from San Jose, CA for joining us and giving a deep dive on his work with Ansible so far. This recording is an informative one, so grab your coffee and settle in. If you'd like more information on this topic, let @Theresa Hans know and we'll set up follow up...

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ZOWE Intro with Joe Winchester

Big thanks to Joe Winchester from the IBM Hursley lab for waking up bright and early and giving our Australia New to Z crew an overview and demo of ZOWE. Check out the recording of that webinar as well as Joe's slides for more information! #NewtoZ #Zowe #EarlyProfessional #mainframe

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IBM Champions in Action: Phil Allison

Although we’ve had to find different ways to connect with people lately, I’m so glad to be a part of the IBM Champion community. This group is flexible, loves to share, and we are still able to collaborate on ideas and projects albeit virtually. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know one of...

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IBM Champions in Action: Subhasish Sarkar

Have you recently been wondering if the IBM Champion program is something you'd find both exciting and valuable? Theresa Hans had the chance to sit down virtually with first time IBM Champion for Z, Subhashish Sarkar , or as many people call him, SS! Subhashish hails from Pune City, India,...

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Happy Birthday Mainframe!

Today, the 56th birthday of the IBM Z. We are excited to announce that in this special day first blog has been published. Let's celebrate together! #IBMZ #mainframe #LinuxONE

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Z Open Development Proof of Technology Workshop offered December 5th in Princeton, NJ

On Thursday, December 5th, IBM is offering a one day, no charge, workshop in the Princeton, NJ area that demonstrates the value of building an Enterprise DevOps pipeline to support collaborative development, "shift left" testing and automating release management. This workshop offers "hands on"...

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Notes from Master the Mainframe 2019, Part 1

I have to admit that I did not know a whole lot about mainframes before coming on as a consultant to help with student community strategy for IBM Master the Mainframe . Quickly it became apparent, however, just how much infectious enthusiasm there is on the subject from those working in the...

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