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You’re invited to watsonx Day 2

We're kicking off watsonx Day 2 by streaming the keynote program right here in the community. This opening session will set the tone for a full day of AI discussions, innovation updates, demos, breakout labs, and much more. Make sure to register for the full event to participate in our expanded sessions.

  • Dec 6 Virtual Event: watsonx Day brings together IBM experts, end users, and community members to share insights and technical expertise with next generation AI
  • Dec 5 Webinar: IBM MQ - What's new? Celebrating 30 years of innovation
  • Dec 13 Webinar: What Generative AI means for your Data Security strategy in 2024 
  • Dec 14 Webinar: Exploring GenAI with Unleash the power of foundation models
  • Dec 19 Webinar: Instana Deep Dive on Bridging the Divide: Instana Observability for Distributed + z/OS App

  • Watsonx Pulse News Alert - week of no. 27: IBM watsonx available on AWS. Learn about the watsonx products that we're showcasing this week at AWS re:Invent 2023. See key aspects of our strategic product roadmap for IBM watsonx on AWS.
  • Introduction to Generative AI in tutorial: Complete this tutorial to learn how to implement Generative AI use cases in 
  • Watsonx Day 2 Session Highlights: Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI with watsonx.governance. Heather Gentile, Director of watsonx.governance Product Management, provides an overview of IBM's perspective on AI governance and what capabilities are coming soon!

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