Decision Optimization

ROADEF 2019 

6 days ago

These are the presentations made by the IBM Decision Optimization team at ROADEF, Le Havre, February 2019.

Xavier Nodet Multiobjective optimization in CPLEX
The upcoming CPLEX release features multiobjective optimization. Available for LPs and MIPs, it allows to specify combinations of hierarchical and blended objectives, and gives you an optimal solution for your instance. Thanks to tolerances on each sub-objective, you can evaluate the impact that each objective has on the others. And the weights on each objective allow to scale each objective, either for trade-off exploration, or to help numerical stability. CPLEX 12.9 – multiobjective.pdf

Philippe Laborie, PhD Recent advances on large scheduling problems in CP Optimizer
After recapping the main principles of CP Optimizer, this talk will focus on recent advances in the automatic search allowing to handle some scheduling problems with hundreds of thousands of activities in a matter of seconds. CPO-ROADEF-2019.pdf


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