Decision Optimization


Thu May 21, 2020 07:24 PM

These are the presentations that were made by the Optimization Direct team and the IBM Decision Optimization team at INFORMS, Houston, October 2017.

Xavier Nodet, CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.8
Presents new features in the forthcoming release of CPLEX Optimization Studio V12.8.
2017-10 – COS 12.8 – What’s new

Daniel Junglas, Xavier Nodet, CPLEX 12.8: the Generic Callback
Presents a new Generic Callback framework in CPLEX Optimizer. These callbacks allow users to benefit from all the CPLEX features without restriction, and offer a simple API to either get information from CPLEX, or drive CPLEX behavior.
2017-10 – CPLEX 12.8 – Generic callback.

Alkis Vazacopoulos, Robert Ashford of Optimization Direct, Introduction to ODH-CPLEX and Recent Results
Presents the ODHeuristics engine for use with CPLEX.
2017-10 – ODH-CPLEX

Alkis Vazacopoulos of Optimization Direct, Recent Case Studies and Data Science Experience Overview
Presents recent Optimization Direct projects and an overview of IBM Data Science Experience.
2017-10 ODINC Case Studies

Ed Klotz, CPLEX and Benders’ Decomposition
Presents the Benders’ decomposition features in CPLEX.
2017-10 – Benders

Andrea Tramontani, Recent Improvements in IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer
Presents new feature and performance improvements in the forthcoming release.
2017-10 – CPLEX 12.8 performance


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