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A Beginner's Guide to Deep Learning

This content was prepared for “For Coders and Non-Coders: Break into Deep Learning with Python and IBM Watson Studio,” a session at IBM Think 2021. The session was presented by Alex Amari and Cedric Jouan, data scientists with IBM Data and AI Expert Labs. The following lab guide was prepared by...

A Beginner's Guide to Deep Learning 2021.pdf

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Can AI models be integrated into mainframe transactional applications? Yes they can!

Learn more and register for the May 18 webcast and demo! A study by VentureBeat AI, determined that only an estimated 13% of data science projects have been deployed into production applications. Developing machine learning models is only part of the AI challenge. Leveraging those models to...

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🎟 Our first ever Community Innovation Jam

Get pumped for our Cloud Pak for Data Innovation Jam ! Log on at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET on Thursday, May 6th if you can. Join us for a new kind of virtual event. Spend an hour learning what our team is working on and jumping into our product-decision making process. Help us shape...

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Think is coming! Nominations for Think Academy labs open April 15

Think Academy provides the deepest technical experience available at Think. Think Academy includes Instructor-Led Labs and IBM Garages that will only be available to attendees that are nominated. For more details, visit IBM | Think 2021 curriculum. Data and AI labs scheduled: 2161 -...

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Get Palantir for Cloud Pak for Data: Data-driven operations and decision-making platform

Low code/no code platform to power data-driven decisions across an organization. Learn more about this new announcement from March 2021. #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home

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Artificial Intelligence and Time Management

AI is Fundamentally Changing the Future of Time Tracking Technology A time-tracking software is a good investment irrespective of the volume of your organization. It produces accurate records based on the amount of time your team wastes working on a task. These records facilitate the...

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AutoAI: Your buddy (trusted partner) to speed up time-to-market for your AI and ML Models

Automating different steps of the Machine Learning Lifecycle AutoAI (or Automated Data Science) is a profoundly moving field of AI research in academia and the industry. Different public cloud providers develop some form of AutoML capability. Tech unicorns have been expanding AutoML...

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Creación y Despliegue de Modelo en AutoAI usando Watson Studio

Peruvian Data Science Expert and IBM Data Science Community member Guillermo Bastian Fernandez shares a new of the Data Science en Espanol series. #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home