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Webcast: Into Data Science | Understanding K-Means

Join us for the second webcast in a series of fundamental concepts in data science, machine learning and AI. In this webcast we are covering the K-Means algorithm. We'll answer questions such as: . What is it? . What is it good for? . How can we use it? The webcast includes a demo...

 Fri April 26, 2019 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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I <3 Graphs

“Graphs are a basic kind of data representation used in data science.” I recall writing that line on a whiteboard a few years ago during a course, to see what responses it might draw. I heard back a few “Well, is that really true?” remarks. By “graphs”, I don’t mean the sense of “graphics” and ...

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And #datascience​ -- Isaiah Brown --

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RE: Facebook using Data Science

Facebook is the world's leading social media giant. It makes heavy usage of data science for social media analytics as well as advertisements. Facebook deploys quantitative analysis of a large scale social media data to gain insights about the various social interactions of the people. With...

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Facebook using Data Science

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Facebook using Data Science

How does Facebook use Data Science for Social Media Analytics and Advertisements? How it revolutionize data. What is the role of data scientist in this? -- Bharvi vyas --

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Event Recap: SF Python April 2019 Project Night

This week IBM took part in sponsoring the local San Francisco Python meetup group for their April project night. Going to community events is always a great way to spend time away from work, to meet some new faces, see some familiar ones, and learn something new. Between taco bites from the...

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Shiny: A data scientist’s best friend

One of the most important skills for any data scientist is the ability to clearly communicate results to a general audience. These are the people who need to understand the insights in order to take further action. Unfortunately, too many data science projects are bogged down in math and...