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  • CPLEX / Decision optimization forums moved last month to IBM community For AI practitioners, data scientists, SPSS and Watson Studio users , some easy entry points for CPLEX / Decision Optimization : What is optimization in a very simple ...

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  • The phrasing of the second constraint is odd, in that it implies the value of a parameter is conditioned on the value of a variable. Are you trying to say that if any of t[i, j, j+1] ... t[i, j, j + l[i]] takes any value other than 1 then z[i,j] must ...

  • Thanks a lot for responding. I agree that for the first constraint, writing index like that was very naive on my part​. I am sorry for that. I just changed the index and it worked. However, I don't think there is any problem with the indices of the second ...

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  • Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos The following videos show everything from end-to-end to use Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data, including setting up the environment for a new user. 1- Create an IBM id ...

  • CPLEX Optimization Studio 20.1 was released on Dec. 11th, 2020. This version includes in particular three new features that are described in separate blog posts: Blackbox expressions in CP Optimizer Connection to databases in OPL Better ...

  • In OPL 20.1, we have introduced a new extension framework. This framework allows OPL to read data from databases using statements in a .dat file. Using this framework, you can build a custom database connection handler. There are prebuild database connections ...

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  • Black-box expressions Constraint Programming (CP) is known for its expressiveness for modeling and solving combinatorial optimization problems. In particular, CP uses predefined expressions, such as product or division between variables ( x*y*z , x/y ...

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  • A new parameter emphasis mip 5 allows to find solutions 1.8x faster with CPLEX 20.1 . CPLEX has been developed for 30+ years with one performance objective: be as fast as possible to prove the optimality of the best solution that it can find for ...

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