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  • CPLEX / Decision optimization forums moved last month to IBM community For AI practitioners, data scientists, SPSS and Watson Studio users , some easy entry points for CPLEX / Decision Optimization : What is optimization in a very simple ...

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  • Welcome to the Decision Optimization group! You just reached the new IBM Community for Decision Optimization. This group replaces the legacy forums on DeveloperWorks, and their content is currently being migrated here in order to preserve the knowledge ...

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  • Hi Alex, I do not have a main block in my .mod file. My .mod file only has data preprocess, minimize, subject to, and then postprocess. Thank you. Best Regards, Zhao Hui ------------------------------ HUI ZHAO ------------------------------

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  • The mesmerizing digital magician Keelan Leyser uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel where he used artificial intelligence to assist him to perform his mind reading tricks. It has always difficult to explain how Keelan achieves his ...

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  • The transportation area is always developing to offer safer, faster, cleaner and more convenient commutes. The next important industry shift is at hand, and IoT is driving the charge. The potential of IoT is driving a wave of smart media and connected ...

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