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  • Thank you, Olcay Polat ! Your solution worked. ------------------------------ Amanda Lopes ------------------------------

  • You might want to collect kappa statistics (basis condition numbers) and check them. I'm not sure how CPLEX computes the gap, but it's possible that the gap used for convergence testing is from the presolved / modified model and the reported gap from ...

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    RE: Cplex stops too early

    Thanks a lot for your answer! In fact, I tried to call method model.solution.MIP.get_mip_relative_gap() and it returns a gap of 0.51% as well. I also tried to check solution and dual bound values (with model.solution.get_objective_value() and model.solution.MIP.get_best_objective()) ...

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  • IBM is a very famous and well-known computer business brand. This manufacturer gave the best laptop deal with its ThinkPad series released in early 90's. Its been in the long run of powerful computer systems and laptops with the innovation and changing ...

  • Not so long ago, China made a QR code in the sky with drones and it was termed the future of advertisement. Well, is that true? Or are there some other advertisement technologies that we should be keeping an eye on? Honestly, there are various advertisement ...

  • Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and ViiBE announced their technological partnership to promote remote support between technicians and experts. With the unified technology offering from IBM Maximo and ViiBE, technicians can track assets that require maintenance ...

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  • Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution is not a surprising product due to its widespread use in businesses around the world. However, due to the numerous issues that come with Office 365 migration, not all administrators are enthusiastic about it. Furthermore, ...

  • Car accidents are normal for everyone who has been on the road, but some are too fatal to let go of. In particular, if you get into a car accident yourself, there are various expenses associated with it. There are various other matters to be considered ...

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