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  • Hi Vasco If I am not wrong, The syntax to build the array [ setups[p], opers[p] ] in the p loop should be span( tasks[p], (append all (p1 in POS; p1 = p) setups[p], all (p1 in POS; p1 = p) opers[p])); ------------------------------ Jerome Rogerie ...

  • Hi Vasco Sorry about that [ setups[p], opers[p] ] is an array. I do not remember how make such a so simple stuff in OPL (ugly syntax). If you know tell me either I will have a look in the doc. Sorry also for the late answer, I was on leave end ...

  • Dear Abbas, It looks like your 'u' array doesn't have an entry for 5. How is it initialized? Cheers, ------------------------------ Renaud Dumeur ------------------------------

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  • Regardless of your business, cloud computing should be a priority – it can revolutionize operations. Managing IT infrastructures, especially in today’s world, can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. But cloud computing services support this ...

  • Take a deeper look at the possible applications for AI in real estate and how agents can leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance their company. The AI revolution has come. Albeit in its infancy, Artificial Intelligence is already helping self-driving ...

  • As CPLEX engine performance improves with each new version, older versions are deprecated and removed over time. Runtimes, based on these engines, are used in building and deploying Decision Optimization models. For example, as of May 17, 2022, CPLEX ...

  • A recent US DOT investigation shows that nearly 94% of all car accidents are caused by human error. The study found that a majority of the car accidents caused can be traced to something a driver did or failed to do. This number takes on even greater ...

  • Medicine is a science. And while specific pure sciences are capable of making perfect products, medicine remains unclear because we bring human error into the mix. Many medical facilities are starting to integrate AI to diagnose and treat medical needs ...

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