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What Laptops are made by IBM?

By Silver Hawak posted Mon October 18, 2021 12:24 PM


IBM is a very famous and well-known computer business brand. This manufacturer gave the best laptop deal with its ThinkPad series released in early 90's. Its been in the long run of powerful computer systems and laptops with the innovation and changing trends. The ThinkPad laptops made by IBM company were the commonly sold series back in the days.

This successful series by IBM was known as the best laptop as a contrast to the competitors in the market in the early 2000s. There has been a variety of ThinkPad series with changes over time and greatly improved features.

ThinkPad Laptops

ThinkPad was basically a series in the production of IBM laptops that were meant to cover the business field and office use properly. They were designed in tablet form, and they were marketed all over by Lenovo. IBM sold the ThinkPad production series to Lenovo in 2005. These laptops were basically dark in look with a big box shape structure.

The shape is still copied in some models to this day. The IBM laptops and computers had a great range of notebooks, laptops, and computer desktops in their series. The idea of ThinkPad was first processed in Japan by Yamato Facility of IBM. The initial launch took place in 1992, which led to greater success for the business of IBM laptops.

ThinkPad laptops have found their use in International Space Stations for research, and they met great success in the business market as well. They have been in use for research in outer space for years.

Early Models of ThinkPad

IBM reported the primary ThinkPad model In April 1992. It was called the 700, later renamed the 700T after the arrival of three more up-to-date models, the 300, 700, and 700C, in 1992. The 700T was a tablet PC.

ThinkPad is the most widely recognized laptop series you will see in IBM. They have diverse series like L, T with various adaptations L420, L430, and T440, T450, T460. The pleasing thing is THINKPAD is likewise utilized at the International Space Station by NASA Astronauts.

IBM promoted the ThinkPad innovatively, through techniques, for example, early client experimental runs programs, various pre-dispatch declarations, and a broad loaner program intended to exhibit the item's qualities and shortcomings.

The main ThinkPad tablet, a PenPoint-based gadget officially known as the IBM 2521 ThinkPad, was listed as a designer's delivery. The ThinkPad tablet opened up for buying in the year 1992 during the month of October, globally.

The subsequent report archived the ThinkPad's astounding display under troublesome conditions; "The ThinkPad is an amazing machine, adequately rough to be utilized without exceptional consideration in the most noticeably awful conditions Egypt has to bring to the table."

ThinkPads have been broadly applauded for their predominant console quality on a gadget. ThinkPads were additionally quick to utilize a pointing stick for cursor development, and a few models have underlying key lights.

Other Early ThinkPads

There were a few old models like ThinkPad 550BJ, which were launched back in 1993, that were built with a Bubble-jet printer by Canon incorporated into it.

While fairly advantageous, the 550BJ was preferably untrustworthy and significantly bulkier over different options available. The 550BJ saw a restricted delivery run in Japanese business sectors; however, it never saw a replacement.

The IBM ThinkPad 500 contracted the ThinkPad bundle significantly further. Promoted as a subnotebook, the ThinkPad 500 was a little laptop that made a few trade-offs as its continued looking for smallness. It came with a 7.24-inch monochrome STN screen with a 480x640 resolution. It had 4 GB of RAM and a fast processor.

The ThinkPad 750P could be viewed as an early precursor of the advanced Yoga line from Lenovo. The 750P highlighted a 9.5-inch STN screen with a strain touchy touch display. The presentation could be utilized with a pointer for simple touch input.

This plan was refined with the ThinkPad 360P, which offered a further developed 9.5-inch DSTN board housed in a pivoting showcase. While the two models are unimaginably thick by the present guidelines, they, in any case, were very progressive for their time.

The ThinkPad 755CD brought coordinated CD-ROM drives to the ThinkPad line. While offering just iterative upgrades in different components over more seasoned models, the 755CD's optical drive would stay a staple of mainline leader ThinkPad gadgets until the ThinkPad T440 eliminated the drive in 2013.


This was an informative article on laptops made by the IBM company. We discussed all of the early ThinkPad models that were made by IBM that saw success and later were sold to Lenovo.


Did IBM sell the ThinkPad series to Lenovo?

IBM sold its PC business to Lenovo in 2005. Since then, the ThinkPad series has been manufactured by Lenovo under various models.