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Trending Advertisement Technologies Making A Round

By Silver Hawak posted Thu October 14, 2021 02:01 PM


Not so long ago, China made a QR code in the sky with drones and it was termed the future of advertisement. Well, is that true? Or are there some other advertisement technologies that we should be keeping an eye on? Honestly, there are various advertisement technologies making rounds and we are here to talk about the trendiest ones. Let’s find out more details!

Programmatic Growth

Yes, it’s an advertisement technology and we will share how. Programmatic ads have been around for quite some time now and approximately 88% of the U.S. businesses are already using it. Not to forget, more than $60 billion has been spent on programmatic ads. That being said, this technology will only spike in the upcoming years since it extends the product/service reach, so what’s not to like here?

Contextual Targeting

This technology isn’t new but it has become an axiom in this digital era. With this technology, the adverts are allowed to match with the target audience’s browsing preferences, locations, and keywords. The ads are displayed based on the relevance of the website's keywords and content. The best thing about this advertisement technology is that it’s ethical and privacy-friendly (it’s an ultimate demand of modern customers).

Media Partner Consolidation

Since advertising strategies are being optimized to enhance the efficiency and ease, there are high chances that other platforms will start consolidating to provide practical and addressable solutions to the customers’ demands. It will actually enhance the returns on investment and advertising personalization will be fuelled. All in all, it will create a centralized hub and customer outreach will be streamlined.

Creative Optimization

It’s no secret that efficiency and effectiveness are the primary demands and it looks like creating optimization will play an essential role. With this advertisement technology, creativity and data will be combined, resulting in targeted customer attraction. On top of everything, it’s the smartest way of spending the advertisement budget while actually gaining sales and customers.

Inventory Value Identification

When digital marketing came into being, there was no governing body available to dictate or regulate the transactions. However, with market growth, the brands and advertisers are looking for ways to measure the effectiveness of marketing, especially when it’s funneled by ad exchanges. The right use of inventory value identification can maximize the marketing revenue, so isn’t this trend worth it?


Haven’t we all tried self-serve at KFC and McDonalds? As it turns out, self-serve will be big in the advertising world as it’s likely to ensure effective and faster campaign launch. With self-serve technology, the advertisers will have complete control over the campaigns, budgets, geographical targeting, and audience demographics. In fact, it will eliminate the need to create sensational content and opt for valuable content instead. In addition, it’s all tactical and will have better chances at increasing the reach.


To summarize, these advertisement technology trends are rising and all of them come bearing promising results. Not to forget, we might see AI becoming a part of the advertisement industry, so doesn’t the future look bright?