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IBM Maximo, the world's leading CMMS, includes ViiBE in its offer to respond to the consequences of the pandemic

By Silver Hawak posted Wed October 13, 2021 02:44 AM


Today, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and ViiBE announced their
technological partnership to promote remote support between technicians and experts. With the unified technology offering from IBM Maximo and ViiBE, technicians can track assets that require maintenance with Maximo, and then initiate a ViiBE call with the right expert with a single click. Within seconds, the right expert for the asset in question will join the call to guide the technician to resolution.

Approximately 82% of companies have experienced at least one instance of unplanned downtime in the past three years. Unplanned downtime costs approximately $50 billion each year. Also, an estimated 20.9% of time lost results from travel to different areas of the facility, and an additional 19.8% results from waiting for instructions.

With the combined technology of IBM and ViiBE’s solutions, operators can track assets that need maintenance with Maximo, then launch a ViiBE call with the right expert in one click. In a matter of seconds, an expert will join the call and guide the operator through the necessary steps to resolve the issue. This eliminates machine downtime and tech dispatch while increasing first call resolution rates.

ViiBE visual support integrated with IBM Maximo: a unique partnership for industrial remote maintenance

The pandemic has severely reduced the ability to send technicians and experts to worksites, which has a significant impact on maintenance and lifecycle management operations for industrial assets. IBM Maximo, the application platform for asset management, needed to find a solution that would allow experts and technicians to collaborate remotely in real-time. 

Meanwhile, ViiBE had been a member of the Scale Zone, IBM's incubator that aims to help large corporations and startups work together, for two years. As relationships had already been established, the large-scale technological integration between these solutions was the logical next step. 

Strong interoperability between the European leader in visual assistance and the world leader in CMMS

It has always been part of ViiBE's roadmap to interoperate with its customers' IT ecosystems. This is also the new strategy displayed by IBM through its MAS (Maximo Application Suite) offering, which has been integrating more and more technology partners within its platform. 

With the pandemic, the need has intensified and customers have made integration requests to both parties. Beyond the valuable operational gains in terms of limiting production downtime, the expected benefits in the field also contribute to the companies' CSR strategies by improving technician safety at hazardous worksites and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. By deploying the solution to the entire community of IBM Maximo users, the impact will multiply rapidly.

ViiBE's agility and IBM's strength have already won over the first customers   

Thanks to this interoperability, technicians facing challenges with work orders can easily escalate to the right experts in one click, based on the asset registered in Maximo, via ViiBE's integrated routing system. Once connected, experts and technicians benefit from a video stream and collaborative tools (screen sharing, augmented reality, annotations, document transfer, etc.) in real-time to resolve the incident remotely.

The ViiBE archives include all documents, photos, messages, and comments shared before, during, and after each interaction. This information is automatically attached to the Maximo Work Order, creating a new qualified database. The archives can be explored by future technicians who search for keywords in the database to find best practices on how similar situations were previously resolved. As a result, the archives perpetually enrich the knowledge management base offered by ViiBE. Then, using the intelligence of IBM Watson, this knowledge management platform will eventually lead to technician self-service.

Several large companies are already in the experimental phase and the first results are expected in the coming weeks.  



IBM: The IBM Maximo application suite is a cloud platform enabling the optimization of assets, both to extend their lifecycles and to reduce operational costs and downtime through the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and IoT. IBM Maximo helps ensure business continuity and unified operations for companies, even in the face of disruptions or unforeseen events. 

ViiBE: Created in 2017, ViiBE is the web-based video assistance and ticket tracking technology designed for technical support, helpdesk, and after-sales services. This WebRTC-based solution connects an expert with an operator through a video call on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, without requiring any download, for an efficient intervention in exactly 3 clicks. The company operates in more than 70 countries worldwide with major accounts such as Total, Air France, SBM Offshore, Allianz Partners, and RATP. Voted best remote assistance solution in Europe by Frost & Sullivan in June 2021, ViiBE integrates with all types of IT ecosystems.