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The Must-Ask Questions To Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

By Silver Hawak posted Fri September 03, 2021 01:31 PM


Car accidents are normal for everyone who has been on the road, but some are too fatal to let go of. In particular, if you get into a car accident yourself, there are various expenses associated with it. There are various other matters to be considered and everything needs to be discussed with the car accident lawyer. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that calling the lawyer is the next thing you do after waking up from an accident (it’s a perfect thing to do, don’t worry). However, people generally don’t pay attention to the right questions but we have some must-ask questions shared in this article!

What’s Your Specialty?

Not all lawyers are equal which means not every lawyer will be able to handle your car accident case. So, when you are allocated a car accident lawyer, make sure that you ask them if they are specialized to handle your case. This is because they must be competent enough to promise favorable outcomes on your car accident case.

Will You Work On My Case?

For the most part, people hire a car accident lawyer, get all the vetting done but they end up dismayed because a paralegal or junior partner ends up on the case. So, in your first meeting, make sure that the senior lawyer will handle your case. This is because senior lawyers will be more qualified and skilled to handle your case and understand the sensitive points.

Is My Case Strong?

Recovering from car accident cases can be challenging and you need to know if it’s worth it. So, make sure to ask the Houston car accident lawyer if you have a strong case. This is because if you don’t have a strong case, it’s best to make a settlement with the insurance company. Also, always ask for an honest opinion to make sure you are on the right track.

What Are The Case Charges?

For the most part, the car accident lawyers work on the basis of contingency fees which means they are paid only if they win the case for you. Such lawyers ask for 20% to 40% contingency fees. Truth be told, the contingency fee is better because lawyers who charge hourly can be expensive.

Which Costs & Fees Do I’ve To Pay?

Even if you are hiring a lawyer with contingency fees, you will still need to pay the court charges and some fees upon investigation. In addition, there are special charges for preparing the lawsuit. So, always consider such fees and costs on an upfront basis, so you know what you are getting into.

How Long Will The Resolution Take?

In case of serious wounds and injuries from a car accident, there are chances of piling medical bills. Similarly, if you are unable to return to work after the accident, your financial situation will deteriorate. For this reason, you must ask the lawyer how much time it will take to resolve the case. This is because the lawyer will consider every factor to give you a timeline.