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Performance of Mainframe with cloud support

  • 1.  Performance of Mainframe with cloud support

    Posted Thu September 21, 2023 08:29 AM

    Hi Team,

    I am Sachin saraswat and working as mainframe developer for almost 10 years. 

    I am exited to know about cloud support in mainframe environment hence i am looking forward to Tech exchange which will happen on 27th sep,23.

    Though i have some question related to cloud support as below, please excuse my illiteracy on this topic.:

    1. Mainframe is known for its performance and processing. will cloud not impact its processing? if yes , then will it be bad?
    2. If cloud support comprise the performance of mainframe, will it cost us in term of business ?
    3. how easy to implement and learn cloud support for a mainframe developer (consider if some one is willing to learn) ?
    4. will there be any exercise or demo on how to set up the for cloud support.
    5. do we need any other tool or application to access cloud support ?   

    Thanks & Regards

    Sachin Saraswat 

    Sachin Saraswat

  • 2.  RE: Performance of Mainframe with cloud support

    Posted Fri September 22, 2023 01:35 PM

    Hi Sachin, 

    Is there a particular aspect that you are interested in?  This Redbook is a starting point for hybrid cloud capabilities on the mainframe:  Accelerate Mainframe Application Modernization with Hybrid Cloud (  It doesn't yet have information on utilizing cloud object storage, for which I can point you to additional resources.

    Glenn Wilcock