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Let’s talk virtual servers! Ask an Expert

  • 1.  Let’s talk virtual servers! Ask an Expert

    Posted Wed September 09, 2020 04:04 PM

    Who’s excited for the upcoming Ask an Expert: All About Virtual Servers session?! I know I am! We’ll have our incredible experts @James Belton, Ryan Sumner, and Andy Sim on the call ready to answer your questions. I’m also excited to learn from all of you. This session is meant to be an open discussion for you to share your insights and experiences. After all, you’re an expert, too! 🙂 

    Start now by posting your questions and suggestions below. Here are some ideas: 

    1. What would you like to learn from James, Ryan and Andy?
    2. What questions do you have for other virtual server users and peers?
    3. How are you approaching setting up for high availability? 
    4. Are there insights, experiences or ideas you wish to talk about during open discussion?


    I hope you can join us on September 24th. See you there! 

    In case you missed it, you can register here.


    Appy Ayyagari