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Getting started with IBM cloud

  • 1.  Getting started with IBM cloud

    Posted Thu January 04, 2024 10:26 AM

    I am a new comer to IBM cloud . I have purchased the courses named CERTIFIED APACHE HADOOP DEVEOPER . The course has self learning content .  A module shows to start an Analytics Engine . we go CATALOG --> ANALYTICS -->  ANALYTICS ENGINE .The self learning content says after giving a name and selecting resource and region , we click on CONFIGURE . It also has a screenshot of the page but that is IBM cloud past interface's screenshot . Now that the changes are made to the website , I cannot see CONFIGURE button on IBM cloud . The account is provided to me by IBM after i purchased the course , its like a trial account.

    In the images below , the image with white interface is one from self learning content and the two with black interface are current IBM interface.

    Mohammed Aleem