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ask access to Cloud user group(s)

  • 1.  ask access to Cloud user group(s)

    Posted Thu September 09, 2021 04:51 PM
    could you please explain who can I ask access to a Cloud resource group in order to create successfully a toolchain.

    Kind Regards

    Angela Maria Cefala'

  • 2.  RE: ask access to Cloud user group(s)

    Posted Mon November 08, 2021 09:44 AM
    Hi Angela, 

    If you are the IBM Cloud account administrator, then you can invite other users to your account and depending on the access rights that you give to them, they can then share or create new services within the account. As part of inviting users and configuring access rights for them, you can assign which Resource Groups they have access to.

    Conversely, if you need access to an IBM Cloud account other than your own, then you will need to reach out to that account's administrator, who will then go through a process of inviting you to use the account. Similarly, if you need additional access rights - such as the ability to create, interact with or see resources in a particular Resource Group - that same account administrator will be able to help you. 

    Kind Regards


    James Belton