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Custom domain for object storage static site

  • 1.  Custom domain for object storage static site

    Posted Fri April 01, 2022 04:36 PM
    Edited by Sam Hobbs Wed April 06, 2022 12:46 AM
    Update: I have made progress on my own and since there are no responses, this should be deleted.

    How do we configure a custom domain name for a static site in an object storage bucket? I have done very much searching and at first all I could find was instructions that seem to require Cloud Internet Services and as best as I can tell that is expensive. I did manage to find something about Content Delivery Network and I might have something almost working using that but not quite.

    For testing purposes I have the domain name The DNS has and for nameservers. I assume that is good. DNS currently does not have an A or CNAME record.

    For CDN it asks for an API endpoint but I only see private, public and direct endpoints. I used the public endpoint. I have a network resource; I assume that is the same as CDN. At the top of the page for that resource it says CNAME configuration required. In the details there is a CNAME, I assume the one generated when I created the CDN.

    I have seen Accelerate delivery of static files using a CDN but that does not help.

    Sam Hobbs