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Run SAP on VMware in IBM Cloud

By Stephanie Wing posted Thu April 27, 2023 12:32 PM


VMware as a leader in the virtualization industry is the first choice when it comes to running SAP on an elastic, agile, complete (top to bottom) and certified virtualized platform.

Most likely when we look at a running SAP workload on VMware, we will intuitively think of running workload on-premise or private data center … Well, it makes sense, but it is not the only option for VMware.

Thanks to the strong partnership between VMware, IBM, and SAP, customers can operate their SAP workload in IBM Cloud on VMware in a fully certified environment, which is a unique offer in the cloud industry.

In this article written by William Ruters, Sr. VP of Cloud Strategy at KochaSoft, he discusses the available offers in IBM for SAP and high-level solution architecture.


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