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September Feature Release! Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud & IBM Kubernetes Service

By John Wen posted Wed September 27, 2023 05:11 PM


Announcing new features that have been shipped in the last two months along with the value they provide to new, existing, and prospective users. Create your cluster now!

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service


  • Madrid data center go live (VPC only)

    • Users can now provision Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud clusters in the Madrid data center making it easier to place workloads closer to specific groups of users in order to reduce latency and improve performance.

  • Terraform support for OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF)

    • Without a terraform module to install ODF, users can’t automate the full stack of a OpenShift clusters. Terraform support will enable customers to work toward 100% automated deployments.

  • RH 3Scale on IBM Cloud

    • RH 3scale: (Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud Only) deliver fundamental business value in a digital world–from supporting internal innovation and enabling cross-enterprise agility, to creating new products and revenue streams. Red Hat® 3scale API Management makes it easy to manage your APIs for internal or external users. Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs on an infrastructure platform built with performance, customer control, and future growth in mind.


  • Kubernetes 1.28 available on IKS

    • In addition to all the great Kubernetes features provided in this release, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service version 1.28 also includes numerous component updates. See the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service version 1.28 change log for details.

  • IAM Trusted Profiles improvements on IKS

    • Trusted Profiles to provide user ID information in audit logs - You can now give trusted profiles service level access to your clusters, then use a federated ID, like App ID, to access the cluster at the level assigned in the trusted profile since trusted profile identities are now synced into the cluster RBAC. Admins can now more accurately audit actions coming from trusted profiles!

  • GPU Driver access from worker nodes on IKS and ROKS

    • Users using data science tools that require accelerated processing related to deep learning and machine learning can now access GPU drivers through GPU-enabled worker nodes for both IKS and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud for optimized deep learning and machine learning workloads.

Container Registry 

  • Support JSON outputs for CLI commands

    • Users can now use the Container Registry CLI plugin to add JSON outputs for all commands and sub-commands making outputs more consumable for automation.