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Getting started in Planning Analytics Workspace

Maybe the company you work for recently adopted IBM Planning Analytics Workspace. Maybe you've just started a new job that already uses the product. Or maybe you're just trying it out to see what it can do for you. Whatever the reason, here are some great videos to help you start analyzing...

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IBM Design Sponsor User Program

Sign up to work alongside the IBM Design team on creating products and user programs that work for you. #Tip-of-the-week #Tip-of-the-week-home

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Making the most of your IBM Planning Analytics trial

Once you have signed up for the trial, you have options available to you that will help you explore the key capabilities, examine the benefits and understand how IBM Planning Analytics can apply to your business challenges. This document will help you answer the following questions: Where...

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Cognos Analytics 11 SSAS pass-through Authentication and SSO with Kerberos

There are a lot of use cases where it can be challenging to configure SSO to Cognos Analytics and then Pass-Through Authentication to SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Cube Datasource without being prompted, all via Kerberos Authentication. So, here I've outlined the changes I've made to...

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Cognos: Migrating from CQM to DQM

What is the difference between CQM and DQM The original query engine used by Cognos was written in C++ is known as Universal Data Access (UDA). The modern query engine was written in Java and is powered by the eXtensible Query Engine (XQE). The report service (RSVP) is a rendering engine that...

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Improve your Line and Column visualizations with the Share vertical axis range property

By default, Line and Column visualizations use separate vertical axis value ranges for the two measures in a visualization. In some circumstances when your visualization contains two similar measures, this can result in a visualization that, while accurate, does not provide a clear visual...

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How to build a custom workflow using Data Reservation in Planning Analytics Workspace

You can build custom workflows to set up and manage work processes, defining procedural rules, such as who can edit data and whether changes to data need to be approved. In this video demonstration, we'll set up two users: Bob, a finance user who does planning for his team The performance...

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Finding Tabular Data in Cognos 11 and 11.1 versus 10.2.2

Remembering back to when I was new to using Cognos 11.1 reporting, there was a small moment of panic as I thought, "They took away my ability to run tabular data!" Fortunately, it simply was not true . The placement merely moved. Whew! Like many of you reading this, I've used Cognos for many...

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